A high percentage of “pre-read” auditions are going on video straight to producers, eliminating the “producers’ sessions” of the past.

Are you ready for the decision-makers to see your audition?

We’ll work with you on your audition to make sure you’re camera-ready!

Audition coaching includes:

-- review of material (email sides ahead of time to info@theactorconnection.com)
-- interpretation of character choices
-- instant review of your digital audition (if requested)

Rates are: $45 for 1/2 hour; $80 for a full hour
(After one hour, time is billed in chunks of 15 minutes.)

(Text Preferred) or Call (818) 640-7805 for information

or you can email us at info@theactorconnection.com

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Audition Coaching (with Video Review, if requested)