Online Audition Delivery - for the actor!

• Professionally produced audition
• Comfortable “actor-friendly” environment
• Record your audition and have it posted online within minutes
• Send an email link for immediate access to your audition
• Shot on digital video
• Audition is sent with a link to any online profile you wish
• Minimum charge is $30 (20 minutes), plus $10 posting/delivery fee per role; after 20 minutes, rate is $1.50/minute (timer starts when recording audition begins and ends when audition ends)
• Advanced scheduling is required.

The audition generally runs about 20 minutes (depending on the number/length of scenes). We will read with you, unless you would prefer to bring a reader. (In either case, please send your sides and all audition information – before the audition taping – to .)

There is a $25 fee if you are over 15 minutes late for your appointment time; missed appointments or last-minute cancellations will incur the full $40 fee.

Click here for a sample audition link.

Click here for more info about the service.

Here’s what some of our actors say about our service:

"Julia is a friend in the room, allowing and encouraging the freedom to explore. I always leave feeling good about the work. (btw, I'm texting this from set, on a job I booked from going on tape in her office.) And there's chocolate! What more does an actor need?"

-- Christian Camargo

"There is a wonderful environment of support that is created. And Julia's comments are so helpful. As an actor to feel like you are in control of what you want to put down for your work and then to look at the takes and choose the ones that really speaks to you... is a wonderful luxury. It actually shouldn't be a luxury but as actors we are so used to rushed or hurried audition processes. I have booked both jobs I have filmed and that has felt very exciting to me. I would recommend Julia to anyone wanting to put down work they can feel truly represents their art, hard work and heart. The support I have felt is so appreciated and it shows up on the film."

-- Erica Gimpel

“This audition service has saved my butt on numerous occasions. I have a crazy schedule and miss a lot of auditions. Being able to call on short notice and putting auditions online allows me to be seen for projects even when I can't make it to the audition room.”

-- Bradford Anderson



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