If you need to see Los Angeles-based actors for your current project, we can get them to you -- electronically!

Actor auditions are recorded digitally using sides you provide, compressed for online delivery, and then emailed as a link to you, along with the actor's online profile information.

Click here for some examples of audition links.

In addition, we are Cast It-compliant, and can also deliver through Now Casting's Online Audition Delivery System.

Let your LA Agents and Managers know they have a choice -- we'll put their talent in your hands (with high-quality, fast-streaming, watchable auditions), so have them send their actors over to The Actor Connection!

No more badly lit, horrible audio from YouTube. No more hefty downloads from YouSendIt. We give you clear, bright video you can see and hear, easily viewable (and downloadable) from your browser!


The Actor Connection ... We Deliver Talent

Oh, and if you need a Los Angeles-based satellite office, we are available for that as well -- call for pricing information.


(Text Preferred) or Call (818) 640-7805 for information

or you can email us at info@theactorconnection.com

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