Whether you need a demo reel put together, or your film/tv appearance edited into scene clips, we'll get it done!

We provide professional editing services done by a working editor/director! Give us your footage and we’ll produce a personalized reel that will showcase your strengths.

Our rates: $75 per hour (with a 20-minute minimum charge of $25).

For editing your demo reel or pulling scene clips, the best way to minimize our editor’s time (and save you money) is by having your materials prepped before bringing them in. Assign timecodes to your DVD, or have your VHS or mini-DV cued to the proper place. Include a brief description of the scene, how it starts, and the first line of dialogue (keep in mind timecodes can differ from machine to machine, so the description and first line is needed to make sure we are editing the correct material).

Most editing work can be accomplished within three business days, but delivery times may vary.

Demo reels and scene clips will be edited with a simple fade out/fade in, with a name slate card at the beginning and end of the reel. If you want something more specific on the title card than your name, that can be done.

You will be provided with a DVD master of your demo reel, as well as a high-resolution, uncompressed digital file of the demo reel and/or clips. In addition, we'll provide you with web-ready files, ready for uploading to any online site.

(Text Preferred) or Call (818) 640-7805 for information

or you can email us at info@theactorconnection.com

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Video Editing